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The Age Of Digital

The Speed We Learn

Today many of the people that are consuming, and by consuming I mean taking information in, were born after the internet was born. The age of today is informing people in a way that has never happened before. I am seriously considering my university at this moment in time. Currently I am a 2nd year student at Massey University in Auckland New Zealand. My degree is in Computer Science, with a major in Information Sciences, and minor in Information Technology. And while you think this might be impressive, this blog might change your mind. Let me explain, please.

Traditional Learning

Before we had the internet, the traditional way of learning was via school, whether that was junior high school, high school, or like me, university. These mediums were the traditional way we gathered knowledge. And while many still go to university (such as myself), and while I’m not against it, I think that the internet is the fastest way to learn information that today is giving us. Here is why.


Going to university you have a class on a certain subject once, maybe two times a week, you sit in a class, listen to your lecture and take notes. This is such an old fashion way to learn. People don’t learn this way anymore. If you want to know something, you do what? Google it!

Google is the fastest and cheapest lecturer ever invented.”What is the population in China”, “How often should I change my oil”, What color undies should I ware on a date”, anything you want to know is literally at your fingertips with the smart phones and the internet. In fact, in my experience, I don’t even use the text books that my lectures tell me to get, I just get on the internet and figure it out. Going to class, listening to someone talk about Microsoft Access for 2 hours is the dumbest thing I can think of. I can go to YouTube and find a 3 minuet video on that same thing and figure it out that way.

What Is A TV

Back in the day, way before I was born, a little thing was invented. They called it a “Radio.” People were using the radio to consume information, whether that was marketing, or breaking news, the radio was the best and most efficient way to learn things. People use to sit around the radio as a family and listen to it when a program came on.

After some more time we got what, the TV. With the TV the radio became a thing of the past, you could now see the things you use to hear of on the radio, our attention was shifted from our ears to our eyes, and the TV was a stat of a new revolution. We had adds on TV, the big brands saw these as a massive advantage to their success. Every one was sitting in front of the TV and a Coke add would pop up, the whole family could now have context to the add that with radio, they could only hear. The TV changed the age in a way that was fundamental to how your attention was consumed.


Now, we have the internet and smart phones, and again our attention has shifted. The TV is now the radio and the smart phones are now the TV, figuratively speaking. Lets be honest, how many of us watch a series on a TV? Most get the laptop, or your phone, Ipad, tablet, whatever your device is, and watch it on that, on your time. The way that we consume information has shifted again, and you’re a part of it. I don’t like to use the words “kids” but the younger generation, I would say 30 and below, if you ask them, how much TV they watch, it would be very little. They are in front of a computer of some sort, whether that is a desktop, smart phone, laptop ect. our attention has shifted, and a new age of learning has begun.

This is why I think lectures find it so hard to get people to participate in class, you have 200 introverts that think you’re wasting their time, and they just want to go watch that 3 minuet YouTube video so that they finish the Snapchat story they have started. Not to say that this is a bad thing, I am just stating a fact that people are thinking but are not saying.

Using the internet as a tool to learn can be very powerful, that is, if you can discern good information from bad information. This is not to say that everything on the internet is factual and should be taken as something that is credible, but if you do your research properly, you can find anything you want on the internet that is quality information.

So should we go to university? That’s up for you to decide. I will finish my degree, only because I am almost finished, and if I drop out now my wife will kill me. So, for now, I am planning to get that little piece of paper, ware the cap and gown, and do all that, but again, I think that anything you “learn” at university can be found on the internet if you look in the right places.

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3 Ways Your Small Business can be an Organic Business

What is an organization

You might feel that your business is an organization, and while practically this is true, what would you say if I told you that your business is an organism as well? Let me explain.

I can only assume that you have living people in your business, and I can only go by the assumption that your business has living people buying your product or service that you offer. Now with these assumptions, we can see that your business is full of living people. So why do we think of a business as something that is not living such as an organization? An object that is full of collective stagnation, some, thing that exists because there is a figure head at the top that had this wonderful idea. When we think of an organization our concept might be a massive company down in some sort of C.B.D. And while this is the case, I would argue that small business here in NZ are just as much an organization as those in the C.B.D. Whether you’re a plumber, doing a trade, a cafe with a brick and mortar store front, or just a work at home mom doing part time work. If you ask me I would say that all of these are organizations.

By definition an organization is, “an organized group of people with a particular purpose…” You don’t have to have 200+ employees to be considered an organization, if you interact with people and are organized in some manner, you my friend, are an organization. So why do we use this term? And what is an “Organic” business? Well, let us have a look.

Full Of Life

A business, as we have seen is full of living people. Whether it is your customers, stakeholders, or employees, they are all living. Living people need certain things. People need care, nurturing, and compassion.Let me give you an example of what I mean. We can use an example of a tree. I like to look at business as a trees, each business is different, and just like we have different trees, we have different businesses.

If you have ever had a garden you know that you don’t treat every plant or tree the same, they need special care in regards to the type of tree they are. Well, this is true with businesses as well. Each business is different from the other. Even if I did consulting work for two plumbing companies, I wouldn’t treat those companies the same. To me there are different trees. One may be an apple tree, and one may be a tomato tree. An apple tree doesn’t need as much care as a tomato tree, therefor you don’t need to treat it like a tomato tree, you give it the care it needs according to the tree that it is. This is how we should look at business. Every business is different in its own way, and needs care according to what type of tree it is. This type of care is very hard to do with organizations. If you have this view for your business, your business will start to become an organic business.



If we keep this mind set of business as trees, we can also use the same concept of seasons as something to help us feel out the market and where the business is throughout the year. Most trees sleep during winter, in spring they start to come alive, and in summer they are flowering and have fruit all over it. If a business calls me to help them with some consulting, I first have to know what type of tree they are. Once I figure out what type of tree they are, I can then care for them according to that, but I also have to aware of what type of season they are in.

A season is just as important to know as what type of tree the business is. We don’t treat a tomato plant the same in the winter as we do in the summer. If the business is in a slow season, or a winter season, you might not want to be so aggressive with your marketing strategies. Where if it were in a summer season, you would want to get all the fruit you could reach. In the winter time you want to prune it, and get it ready for the summer. Just know that with every winter season, summer is just around the corner, so no need to be discouraged, just need to prepare your business accordingly, every business has ups and downs. Some worse than others, but none the less they happen to every business. And knowing the season and knowing the tree is critical to knowing how to care, nurture, and guide a business.





Every tree, though it may be different, have one thing in common, that is, they have roots. Roots are what make the tree strong and sturdy. It’s what makes the tree with stand any type of storm. The deeper and stronger the roots, the stronger it stands. So, what are the roots you ask? Well the roots are the customers. The bigger you roots are, the deeper they go, and the more you have the harder it is to become up rooted. If you have a customer base that is loyal, if you have a community that is intimate with your brand, if your customer base are in love with your content, no matter what comes along, they will continue to stand firm with your brand.

Creating a community such as this takes time, and can’t happen overnight. Just like a tree it needs to be cared for in a particular way in order for it to have roots such as mentioned above. Taking care of your customer base in business will drive your business. If your customers are unhappy, your business is unhappy. Taking care of your customers is the most critical factor in business. Making your business organic can help make your business more successful.


Having this revolutionary mindset we can make our business a living organism rather than an organization. Treating people like the living people they are, making sure that your customers are cared for, and caring for your business according to the season it is in will help you drive your business further than it is ever gone before. Taking an organic approach to your business will give your business a culture that will feel new and fresh. This is the way businesses should be managed. Enjoy.


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Word Of Mouth

Here in New Zealand, and I would assume in the rest of the world, that is, the parts that have the internet, and that allow the mass population to use social media, know all about “Viral Posts.” But what we don’t think about is how it became viral. It’s all about “Word Of Mouth.” so the fact that a post that someone likes and is appealing to the masses, is something that can spread on social media very fast. A few examples of some viral threads that quickly come to mind are PPAP song. If you don’t know PPAP song just YouTube it and it will all make sense. Another one that comes to mind is the Chewbacca lady, she became an internet sensation overnight and was on national TV in the US. Shows such as Late Night, and Ellen. This was all from word of mouth over the internet, via social media.


Things on social media have the potential to spread like wild fire if done properly. This is the new word of mouth. The difference is before it was locally and was just inside certain communities, but with social media it can be all over the world. Something that someone does in Memphis, can been seen in New Zealand overnight.Where as before it would take weeks to get the proper information to make sure the story was creditable enough to put on TV. But now you can see it on your phone in real time. The word of mouth has changed in a dramatic fashion, and a new age of telling people about things has started.

I am really fascinated with this aspect of social media. I remember when Syria was first going through the civil war, I watched everything on Facebook, most of it was getting posted in real time. Were as before you would have to wait for the 6 o’clock news and then it was still a bit bias as to what they reported, but today we can go live and show the world whats going on all over the world with out any bias. We just open our Facebook and click on the go live button from our smart phones. This is amazing to me, and truthfully I am still trying to wrap my head around it completely.

Just think of all the opportunities that Small Business can do with this type of technology. It was only ten years ago when the elite were the only ones that could afford to go online and talk to others across the world. Now days we can do it for free, and when ever we want. I call my mother every weekend using Facebook. She lives in Las Vegas, while I am in New Zealand. This is amazing to me. I can contact her over the internet when ever I want and she lives on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, 12000 miles away.

This is the current age we live in, where information is consumed in real time, and consumers don’t want to be the last ones to find something out, that is why everyone is on social media. They are convinced that they will be the first ones to find “That Post” that goes viral. I just don’t understand why small business isn’t using this to their advantage. For one, it’s free, and for two, you can create a conversation with a community that you could’t before. It is in the best interest for small business to use social media in this way.


The fortune 500 companies in the US have lost a massive part of the marketing audience due to the fact that they are still advertising on TV and radio. The attention isn’t there anymore, it’s on social media. They are spending 80 billion dollars a year on ads. Once they re-calibrate and find out how effective social media is , they will use that money ton go there, then it will be far too late. The price of ads will skyrocket, and small business won’t be able to use it any more. We are in a specific time frame that is perfect for small business and social media  to join forces and become a power house. I predict that in New Zealand in about 3-5 years, the social media marketing for small business will be so saturated and full of B.S. bottom feeders, that it will be just as TV is now with ads, and no one will pay any attention.

Getting on Facebook now and using it as a place to create a community for your business, by creating a conversation with potential customers, is where you should be. Creating informative and engaging conversations, and telling interesting stories is what your customers want to see. Jump on this train and I will take you for a ride to success, you, me and your business.

How Small Business Can Benefit From Social Media

Free Advertisement

Having a Facebook page for you business is a great way to get free advertising. That is as long as your content is worth reading, watching or viewing. If you can make content that is worth other people liking or sharing that can help your businesses brand to get publicity quite easily, not only that but with some hard work and attention you content that is getting seen is on some of the biggest platforms ever, and it’s free.

Putting up content that is informative and engaging is the key to being seen. It is literally a snowball effect. Where do you think the term “Viral” came from? Putting out content that people can get some sort of value from is the best content you can produce. Everyone love getting something for free, and if you can make people feel as if they are getting free stuff that they should be paying for, you have great content (according to the market right now). This sort of content is what is getting shared, liked, and re-tweeted. All of which gets your brand seen in the busy world that is social media.

The days of TV adverts, billboards, and radio ads are over. Today, social media is the best way to get your product or service seen. TV ads are far too expensive for small business, and no one even listens to radio anymore. Billboards are the biggest wast of adverts, because if you’re not looking at the road driving, your looking at your phone typing. The internet as we know it is the best way to get noticed now days. The days of ole are over and small business need to jump on this train before it leaves the station. Because once it leaves, social media will be far too populated and it will be far too hard to be found, now is the best time to start.

Creating a Community

Having social media for your small business will help with many things, but one thing that I feel small business lacks in is customer service, not because they don’t like to have good service, but because they are so busy to accommodate those that are not completely satisfied. That is, if they have a unsatisfied customer, they don’t have the time to take and cherish they they way they feel that they should be. But with social media, you can stop what you’re doing and instead of sending them a voucher in the mail or even calling them, you can IM (instant message) them on Facebook, Tweet them on Twitter, and apologies and figure it out that way. This to many is more personal, than a phone call. In fact people don’t even want you to call them now days. They just want you to text them and they will get back to you on their time. This is the world that we live in today, most people are far to busy to answer you phone call, with driving, chatting, meetings, etc. Just text me and when I have time, I will get back to you on MY time. This is the reality, like it or not.


Not only can you improve your customer service, but you can create a community that is intimate and passionate with your brand. That is when times get tough,which they do, you have a solid base and foundation of people that can help you in those times. Also, having a strong community helps to gain more to that community and it builds on top of itself. The community itself, creates more community just like it. It’s an organic thing that continues to grow more and more every day. Everyone wants to be in a great community that interests them. If you can make sure that your followers are ones that participate in what you do, you can have a massive following. You might be thinking “Yeah, no kidding. This is common knowledge…” And while you’re correct, for a business this takes serious care and massaging to create a community like this. For say a famous person to have a community is quite easy, but for small business it is another story.

That’s where customer service comes in to play. Many years ago when most cities were just villages out in the boon-docks, your customer service was all you had. You knew everyone in town, and made sure that they were happy, because if Miss. Smith wasn’t happy she was sure to tell the others in town, and if the others got wind of the unsatisfied Miss. Smith, well that’s bad business for you then. Now days we’re the total opposite, we’re far too busy to take care of Miss. Smith. If she gets upset, well, she just has to deal with it. We need to get back to the days of ole. That is one way that social media can help you to take care of Miss. Smith, although you’re far too busy it takes 30 seconds to send a IM to Miss. Smith via Facebook and make sure that she is taken care of, that;s how you build a community that is strong and one that can build on top of itself.

These are just a few of the ways that social media can help small business, the’re many more other things that social media can do, if your keen to find out more read some of my other posts and leave a comment to let me know what you think.



3 Things I’ve Learned While Starting A Business

Some times I wonder what I actually got myself in to, that is, when I look back on the four weeks that I have had this business. You might be thinking  “four weeks?  I’ve been doing my business for fourteen years now, how do you think I feel?” And to answer that question, frankly speaking, is that, I don’t care how long you’ve been doing you business, this is my blog and I am the boss, so this is about my four weeks, not your fourteen years. To be completely honest this blog is really for my records, it’s more of a retrospect for me too look back on. My hope is that I can look back on this blog in four years and look back on where I have gone, from now to then. So sit back and enjoy this four week journey I have gone through, and you might just learn a few things.

Get Out And Do It.

I would say the best piece of advise that I would give anyone, not even in business but in general, that is, anyone that has a goal, passion, or dream, the best advise I can give is to get out and do it. Recently I have come to realize that I have only one life, and in this life that I have lived so far, I have many regrets. Ones such as, not graduating school, not getting a higher education (although I am now at the age of 34), and making some really dumb decisions in life that I can’t mention but I think you get  the point. The point is just get out and do what you want, because when you’re 90 years old, I guarantee you’ll look back and say “I wish I would have done that one thing I really wanted too…”  Regret is a hard pill to swallow, not to say that you go crazy and do everything you have ever dreamed, you still have to be practical. I mean I dream of going to space, but I don’t think that is too practical, I’m not saying it’s not possible, I feel like anything is possible, I just don’t think it’s practical. But if you want to start your own business, do it! I would ask, what are you waiting for? I have a saying that goes like this: “Some people wait for opportunities to start a business, I started one yesterday, that was good enough.” The fact that you wake up everyday should be a celebration to live your life to the fullest extent possible. You want to go to the Olympics? When you wake up in the morning, train. It really is that easy.


Surround Yourself With Positive People.

I am fortunate to have the family I do, ones that support me in a way that challenges me, but one that is not to fluffy. My wife is very good at grounding me, not because I’m in trouble, but because sometimes I get way ahead of myself, and she is very good at bringing me back to earth. She loves to say things, that could to some people be quite condescending, but I find that most times I’m challenged by what she says, and that motivates me ten fold. Make sure that the people you are familiar with are supportive and uplifting you, or it could lead down a very dark tunnel, and at the end, if things don’t go well for your business, it can have a massive impact on you mental health. Running a business is very challenging and is full of ups and down, leaps and bounds, even has a wall or two that you will have to climb, it’s not all butterflies and rainbows that the movies portray. It’s hard work, and you need that support to carry you through the rough patches, and you need the support to cheer you on with the bis accolades. It’s a rope and both ends need to be tugged equally.

Put In The Work

I have found that having your own business is like putting your money in a bank. Hear me out. When you put money in your bank account and save it, when you need that money  you know that it will be there, sometimes with interest. Same with a business, if you put in the work, you will get out what you put in, and sometimes you’ll get lucky and get some interest from your hard work. I thought that I had a great idea, which I do, but I also thought that it was so great that, once created, it would magically produce clients just from the creation of my business. But the reality is, in the last four weeks, I haven’t gotten any clients YET! I am in the process of getting quite a few, but that is because I got off my butt and met some people, these people know people and it just gets better from there. If you deposit the work in, when you go to your business and ask for a withdraw of clients, it will deliver and sometimes with interest.


Well I hope you guys can learn a few things from these. I hope that if you’re reading this you can take it from me, someone that has done it, whether 4 weeks or 4 years, putting in the work, putting positive people around you, and just start doing something are 3 key things I think are a great starting points. I hope that you enjoy this, keep on keeping on and I’ll see ya when I see ya. Enjoy!

Don’t get left Behind

What lane are you in

Currently I have come to realize that Social Media for small business is a race. One that has only one winner. One that creates competition among small business. If you’re not using social media with your small business, in New Zealand in particular, it will make it really hard for you to progress in business. Hear me out, for a second. If you’re a small business, and you’re not using social media as a platform to help your business grow out and reach other people and other businesses, you will eventually come to a plateau. It won’t be impossible, but it does make it really hard to scale your business. Businesses that don’t, find it hard to reach possible new clients as fast as someone that is using social media, in turn, that means that they have now taken one or more of your possible clients. With social media growing ever faster, and with more people using it, that makes this problem multiplicative. What I mean is, the more businesses that use social media, while your business refuses to, the more possible clients will go to them.

Now I’m not saying that this is something that happens with every business, but I am saying that for the majority of businesses, not using the tools that are out there to use can have a huge impact on how fast your business grows and scales. If you’re happy with having a stagnant business then social media might not be for you, nothing wrong with that, many people are happy with where they are in the market. But, if you’re looking to scale your business, and are finding that others are getting there faster than your business,I would say social media is your best way to catch up or even pass them.


You see I look at it like this, social media is a highway, and the cars travelling it are small businesses. Everyone want’s to get to the same destination, that is, everyone wants to be at the top. But the problem is that some businesses don’t use social media, and others are using it, but they aren’t doing it properly. Both are bad, picture as if the highway has three lanes. Businesses that are not using social media are driving in the slow lane, while other businesses that are using social media, but not using it properly, are in the middle lane, they are moving faster that those that aren’t using social media, but they still are not going to get there first. But, the businesses that know how to use social media in a way that works, in a way that is according the the market that they are looking to sell too, they will get to the destination first. You see, it’s a race, and the one that gets to the destination first wins. That’s business, and that’s social media. If you can figure it out before the other guys, you can win.

Social Media is all about finding things that work for the customers that you want to try and get. And I know, everyone and their dog knows that, but the practice is what we’re lacking. Finding people that put this in to action is what is hard to find. Most social media managers have a sort of cookie cutter process that they use. But we have to remember that we are not just marketing to a business, but in fact we are marketing to people. Our customer isn’t that CEO, but our customer is the dad that can’t wait to go home and see his kids. Our customer is that mom that is single and finds it hard to be single with two kids, these are our customers. If you can find the humanity in small businesses, and market towards that, you’ll soon find yourself in the fast lane, and you’ll be passing  everyone else, on your way to beating them to the destination.




3 Challenges Small Businesses Face In NZ

While small businesses in NZ prosper in many ways, it’s not all butterflys and rainbows. Many business face problems that are hard even on start-up. A report done by NZ government shows that while there was about 6000 “births” of new companies, about half of those companies that stared died shortly after. Speaking in general, small business in NZ can be quite difficult due to many reasons, but a report done by Dr. Jodyanne Kirkwood and Dr. Tarja Vitanen from Otago University found that most small businesses die from financial challenges. Here are three challenges that small businesses face in NZ,

Lack of Capital

Many businesses find it hard to start out just based off the fact that they don’t have enough funds to continue to carry themselves. Starting off is fine. Its hard to continue after the first 6 months or even a year with minimal clients. Starting a business can be quite costly and frankly speaking, can make a massive dent in the bank account, that is if you start out bootstrapping, or in other words, funding your own business. It’s not cheap to start form scratch and try to make an empire, I feel like the ones that make it scrape by for the first few years until they become more established, and the others just fall off and die quite quickly. Lack of funds makes any business struggle, so if you’re a small business just starting out, or if you’re considering a start-up venture, I would suggest you look in to way that you can gain some capital before you get all gung ho about it. I would encourage start-ups to do the research first then see how you go from there.


Attracting Customers

Lets say that you get enough capital for your business, then what? You build your business, but the most important part of a business is the customers. In NZ getting customers can be quite hard as well. The best way for small businesses to gain customers is word of mouth. Because NZ is such a small country, word of mouth is quite effective, but is word of mouth enough? I would say that for most businesses its not. NZ has a population(last time I checked) of just over 4.5 million people and with most of the businesses in the three main cities Auckland, Wellington, and what use to be Christ Church, and their surrounding areas, word of mouth just isn’t sufficient. In the rural areas this might be good enough, but in the cities you need to market your brand effectively.

This is where small business falls off in NZ. Most small business are 0-5 employees, this was a study done by the Ministry of Small Business and Innovation (MSBI). Being a small business isn’t easy and typically the owner works in the trenches with the laborers. In the study done by Otago university mentioned before they found that most of these business owners felt as if there wasn’t enough time in the day. I mean after a 10-12 hour working day the last thing you want to do is sit down and post pictures to Facebook and Twitter. Most small businesses use the signage on their vehicles and they find that’s all they can do. We need to change this culture in NZ and get small business out of this slump.


Lastly, and while not making a profit isn’t the end of all problems, it is one of the top 5 for small businesses in NZ. When a small businesses makes a profit it can have major effects on how that business continues for the next few years. Making a profit can help a business in many ways, such as, developing new products, improving customer service, or even working on a marketing strategy. Making a profit for a small business can turn that business from a small business to a medium size business. This can create job for NZ and can also help the company grow and expand with innovation and new products.


Practical Ways Small Businesses Can Win With Social Media

Practical Advise

Some practical advise I would give small business is to use social media according to the market they are trying to win. For example, here in NZ I see a huge amount of coffee shops/cafes posting deals about the food they make on Facebook. Such as “Check out this eggs benny, if you come now you get 3 bucks off if you mention the word ALBANY!” While I am not completely against using Facebook as a way to self-promote, doing this every post is far to excessive. Use social media as a tool to advertise, but advertise by using content that is informative and engaging.

Here’s what I mean. Let’s say that I have liked a Facebook page for a cafe called “The Cafe.” Typically, if you like a page it’s because you have gotten a service or product from them and you liked the service, product, or both. Let’s assume I have been there enough times to know what type of food they have, and I know that it’s good food and coffee, hence me liking the Facebook page. Now answer me this, if you were in my shoes, and you already know that the food at this cafe was great, do you want them to post about the food still? Do you want to see a plate of eggs benny? Or would you rather see them post something that was far more informative, a video of them roasting the coffee perhaps? Would you watch a 1-2 minuet video on how they roast the coffee? Or do you prefer that, literally, 2 seconds you look at the photo of eggs benny? If you’re a normal person on Facebook you would rather see am interesting video of how they roast the coffee. This is my point and this is the problem that small business faces, the lack of the market. Most small businesses, not just the cafes, think that if they put some pictures up on Facebook and Instagram they are properly using social media for their business, and yes, while they are using social media, they are completely wrong in how they are using it.


If you want to win, listen to me because this is a crucial part of using social media. You do not get to pick what the market wants on your Facebook page. This is why businesses with over 800 likes on their page only get 5 likes on average posts. If small business would actually listen to what the market wants they would be able to see that the market is far past the photos of food, that was like 2013-14. The market wants informative and engaging videos, that the audience can enjoy watching. But small businesses are still refusing to listen. I can see that people enjoy these things, that is because I have done it. I make videos, normally 2-3 a week and they get the most interaction on my Facebook page. This tells me what the market wants, they want to be able to watch something informative and engaging. A video that shows the behind the scenes. You don’t get to pick what the market wants, the market gets to choose what it wants.


The best way to get out of this rut and find out what your audience wants is to try other things. Try a video and see what happens, I can almost guarantee (depending on your audience) it will get the most interaction. Try it, make some sort of behind the scenes video that’s only about 1:30 long, 2 min max. You’ll find that you’ll get far more interaction on your page. “But that’s a lot of work…” Yup! It is! But, if you want to win on social media this is the way to do it. Trust me. I do it all the time, and I am giving you guys the secret for free. No charge, that is because I love you….haha, not really, but I do want you guys (small business) to win.

I hope you guys can see where I am coming from, I would also hope that you guys will try out what I have suggested in this blog. Let me know how it goes after you do it and I would be more than happy to help you out more. I’m easy to find on social media. I hope to hear all your stories and can’t wait to talk to any of you guys.

Thanks for your time.


How Does Social Media Work You Ask?

Here in NZ (New Zealand) Small-Medium size businesses make up almost 70% (69% exactly) of the work force in the country, that’s according to the MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment). With a population of just over 4.5 million, that’s heaps of small business owners. Out of the 70%, a staggering 34% of those have 5 or less employees. This is why small business matters in NZ, it is the back bone of our economy and with out them it will be come sluggish. Here is an infograph on Why social media is so important to NZ businesses.



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