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One thing that a lot of consultants do that SquareThree stays away from is trying to fit a business in to the model that the consulting agency has.What I mean is, a consulting agency tends to think they know what type of marketing strategy works for a business, and while that might be true, just because it works doesn’t mean its the best.

SquareThree  thinks of our customers like trees. I know what you’re thinking, my business isn’t a tree, and while you might not think so, hear me out. Trees are living and grow in seasons, and your business is the same. We tend to look at our customer’s business as an organism rather than an organization. It is full of living people that work hard to keep it growing, and your customers consume a product/service that you produce. Just like a tree needs nourishment, so does your business.

Your business grows according to the season, sometimes it grows in a large way, and other times might not grow at all, this is what we mean by your business is a tree, or what we call Organic Business. We see your business as an organic object that needs proper care. It’s full of people that have feeling whether they work for you, or whether they are your customers buying your product or service, regardless of who they are, they are still part of your business, and caring for them is crucial. If a plant doesn’t get the proper care, it will die. In the same respect, if your business doesn’t get the proper care, well, let’s just say that it won’t last either.


A tree needs to be nourished and cared for in a particular way. It needs special care according to the season it is in and according to the type of tree it is.You don’t care for a tomato tree the same as you care for an apple tree. They need care according to the type of tree they are.  SquareThree feels the same about our customer’s business. We don’t have a cookie cutter way to our Social Media Marketing, our customers need specific care according to the season they are in, and according to what type of tree they are.

This approach is revolutionary. Having this type of approach to marketing is very risk free. Our goal is to market according to our customers business model and according to their vision and goals of the company. We don’t know what our customer needs until we find out what type of tree they are. After we find that out, we can care an nourish the needs they have according to the season they are in.

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A New Adventure

Hello everyone,

I would first like to introduce myself. My name is Guy Storrs and I am founder and current CEO of SquareThree. We are a consulting company dedicated to conforming a company’s business model with our take on Social Media Marketing.

Now I don’t want this post to be all about SquareThree, I want you to know how we got where we are today. If you’re anything like me, I love to know how people got to where they are. Not in a physical sense, as in like I drove my car to Auckland. But how they became what they are, whether that be a Teacher, Preacher, Student, or even a Police Officer the history of how they  became who they are, really fascinates me, and I hope that you guys have that same felling of intrigue that I do about me.

In today’s age, small business is bigger than it’s ever been. And if you want to be an entrepreneur, now is the time. The word entrepreneur is a tricky word, not only to spell, but also in our concepts. At least for me, I thought that it meant that you had to create something new and invent an new idea or product. But just recently my concept of an entrepreneur has changed. I realize now that the word doesn’t mean what I thought it did. You don’t have to invent anything, in fact, I like to think of an entrepreneur as a re-inventor.


Most entrepreneurs don’t come up with a brand new product, they find something and make it better and more efficient to use for the current customer using it. You can look at any of the major brands Nike, Apple, Samsung etc. They didn’t invent the product that they are selling, Nike didn’t invent the shoe, Apple didn’t invent the phone, and Samsung didn’t invent the T.V. They took something and made it better then it was before. And that is what SquareThree is all about.

I’m not trying to invent marketing, social media, or anything for that matter. I am only taking something and making it better for my customer. That is, I am taking social media and giving it to my customer, most likely a small-medium size business, a making it a tool for them to use for their business model. One thing that is important to remember is that social media is a massive factor in everyday life now days, and for a business to have that type of presence in someones life is massive for the company.

I have a friend who runs a small landscaping business and he works his butt off to get work, he has social media he uses, but after a 12 hour day of digging and planting, who wants to sit down in front of a computer for 3 hours and  post pictures to Facebook?

This is the problem with many small-medium size businesses in NZ. Because, for what ever reason, we don’t have the time to manage our social media is gets put on the back burner and forgotten about. But social media being such a massive part of our lives now days, businesses can’t afford to leave it on the back burner any longer. That’s where SquareThree comes in. We do it for you, we can create your community, or we ca just make sure that what you’re posting is adequate for you customer. Because at the end of the day, if you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business.

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